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Callo Sintermetall AB is a major supplier of sintered bearings, filters, structural parts and magnets.

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Fast Deliveries and High-Quality Sintered Components from Callo Sintermetall AB

Callo Sintermetall AB is a major supplier of sintered bearings, filters, structural parts and magnets.

We offer both standard ”off the shelf” products as well as customized components made to customer specifications. Our strength lies in providing high-quality products with very quick deliveries.

Our production facilities are situated in the southern region of Sweden.

ISO 9001

Providing guidelines to ensure products and services consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.

ISO 14001

Providing a framework for us to enhance our environmental performance and comply with regulations.


Sintered bearings are characterized by being self-lubricating and maintenance-free. The sintered bearings are made of porous bronze or iron and are usually filled with oil. Their high permissible sliding velocities make these sintered bearings ideally suited to rotating applications.


Sintered filters are characterized by their durability and consistent performance. The porous structure allows for high fluid flow rates while effectively trapping particulates. Sintered filters require little maintenance, making them well-suited for demanding filtration applications across industries.

Structural parts

Sintered structural parts are self-lubricating and durable. The porous construction provides high strength-to-weight ratios, allowing for lightweight yet robust components. This makes sintered parts a popular choice for power equipment that requires long-lasting, low-maintenance performance.

Soft magnetic composites

SMC’s are characterized by their ability to efficiently control magnetic fields. The porous structure of SMC allows for complex magnetic flux paths, enabling compact and energy-efficient electromagnetic designs. SMC’s high permeability and low losses make it well-suited for applications across industries, from electric vehicles to industrial automation. The powder metallurgy manufacturing process enables cost-effective production of intricate SMC components.